How To Open, Hide Online & Add Stickers In Gb Whatsapp

Open Hide Online Add Stickers
Open Hide Online Add Stickers

How To Open GB WhatsApp?

With a few easy steps, you can have the popular messaging app GB WhatsApp on your Android phone. It comes with all features and is available in Google Play Store for free!

Downloading GB WhatsApp is as simple and straightforward process. You can download the APK version of this app from Google Play Store or web browser on your Android device just like any other apps with a few minutes of time investment! After the app is installed in the mobile, you can simply click on its icon to open it and use its features on the go!

What Is GB WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a messaging app that has been downloaded by billions of people around the world. It provides an easy way for friends and family members to communicate through text message, video calls or anything else you can think up!

WhatsApp was originally released as ” WhatsApp Messenger” back in 2009 so it’s no surprise this has become one of most popular chatting apps out there with an immense user base backing its success – not just among teenagers but also adults worldwide who live on their smartphones more than they do face-toes anymore 🙂 The way we communicate has become more simplified thanks to WhatsApp. Sharing photos, files and videos is now easier with this app which you must have on your phone if not already there!

Open Hide Online Add Stickers
Open Hide Online Add Stickers

Due to the huge demand for WhatsApp, developers have created different versions of this app. One such version is Gb WhatsApp which can be easily downloaded on your Android Smartphone and modified in order meet user’s needs with less resources than WhatsApp itself uses. For those who want a version of WhatsApp that’s not available in the country they’re visiting, there is Gb WhatsApp. This modified app can be easily downloaded on your Android smartphone and provides all functionality from WhatsApp without any hassle or delay as well!

How To Hide Online In Gb WhatsApp?

Hide Online In Gb WhatsApp
Hide Online In Gb WhatsApp

WhatsApp by default shows your Last Seen status, which is a timestamp at which you last opened the app and reached out to contacts. This unique feature can be quite helpful but also hinders privacy of users depending on their preferences. If there’s something that makes yourself uncomfortable about sharing this information publicly then disabling it entirely or using simple tricks mentioned below should suffice!

Many people use WhatsApp the whole day, but many irritate them by messaging them repeatedly. The GB WhatsApp allows you to hide your online status without going offline which is useful if someone contacts or messages you while you did not want to get disturbed by anyone. But keep in mind that the GB WhatsApp only works on smartphones running “Android.”

Following are the steps you can follow to hide your online status on GB WhatsApp: 

  • After opening the GB WhatsApp, click on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen to open the settings menu.
  • From the menu swipe down to find the Hide online status option.
  • Click on it to turn it on. 

If you want to be invisible online, then this is the perfect option for blocking your Online status from showing up in other people’s contacts. And since they can’t see when we’ve been active or not it also disables our Last Seen time so no one will know how long ago activity occurred on their end!

How To Add Stickers In Gb WhatsApp?

Stickers Gb WhatsApp
Stickers Gb WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is an app that allows you to enjoy all of the features on WhatsApp but with tons of flexibility. In here, users can change themes and have dual accounts for extra security in case one account gets compromised or hacked; they also get access to status copying so no messages are missed! Speaking of stickers – do note how difficult adding them was when using GB-WhatsApp? Don’t worry because we’re going talk about it down below! 

Stickers Gb WhatsApp
Stickers Gb WhatsApp

You can add stickers to your GB WhatsApp account in a very easy and simple way, Here’s how!

  • First thing first! If you want to use the new stickers in your GB WhatsApp Pro, then update it now.
  • Open your GB WhatsApp and open any chat you want to send sticker.
  • Open the key pad and select the emoji icon on the right side.
  • After doing so, you should see the new stickers option right next to the GIF option on the bottom.
Stickers Gb WhatsApp
Stickers Gb WhatsApp
  • To add some sticker packs, click on the + icon.
  • After selecting which ones, you want. Tap the download icon right next to it. You should see a green mark check that will appear once your downloads are complete!
  • Now you can send stickers that are just downloaded to anyone! Test it out and see what kind of reactions your friends get from these cool new stickers.

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