How to See Deleted Messages on Whatsapp

How to see already deleted messages on whatsapp? This is the most frequently asked question. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for an answer. WhatsApp is a popular messaging programme that almost everyone with a smartphone uses. Globally, 1.5 billion people use Facebook’s exclusive messaging software on a monthly basis.

How to See Deleted Messages on WhatsappWhatsApp is a feature-rich app, with new features being introduced on a regular basis. One of its most useful features is the option to erase all messages at once, whether private or group.

It’s simple to scan all messages at once rather than selecting them one by one. However, you erased some essential texts by mistake and now wish to recover them. Today, we’ll look at how to view deleted WhatsApp messages for Android and iOS users.

How to See Deleted Messages on Whatsapp Without Any App?

There is a method to view deleted texts if you know what you’re looking for. We should point out, however, that WhatsApp does not have an official function that allows you to see deleted messages.

There is no function in WhatsApp that enables you to view deleted messages. To monitor phone alerts, you’ll need to download a third-party programme. It’s worth noting that the message must create a notice in order for the application to be registered. If the chat is open or you were active when the message was received, this cannot happen.

It’s a proven and true method. Do you want to know how to see deleted WhatsApp messages? You’ll need to download WhatsRemoved +, a third-party programme. This software is only available on the Google Play Store, not the App Store. In addition, there are additional applications in the Play Store that display your erased data. There is no choice for iPhone users.

Using local storage to restore

To be aware, How can I access deleted WhatsApp messages? This strategy has the potential to be beneficial. This solution, however, is just for Android users and does not work on iOS.

  • Open your device’s file browser.
  • To access the WhatsApp database, go to WhatsApp > Database. All of WhatsApp’s backup files are saved locally in the database.
  • Locate the “msgstore.db.crypt12” file and hold down the shift key while clicking the edit name button. Replace “msgstore backup.db.crypt12” with “msgstore backup.db.crypt12.” To prevent overwriting the file, we renamed it.
  • Choose the most recent backup file and rename it to “msgstore.db.crypt12.”
  • Now, on your phone, open Google Drive and hit the three vertical line choices in the upper right corner.
  • Delete the WhatsApp backup by tapping “Backup.”
  • Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp at this point. Because you do not have a cloud backup, you will be asked to restore WhatsApp from a local backup during the installation.
  • Press the “Restore” button after selecting the “Msgstore.db.crypt12” file.
  • Your messages have been restored from the most recent backup.

Recover your whatsapp messages via cloud backup

  • You may also be interested in learning how to see deleted WhatsApp messages. from iCloud or Google Drive.
  • WhatsApp should be uninstalled from your Android or iPhone.
  • Reinstall WhatsApp and use the same phone number to log in.
  • Your messages may now be restored from Google Drive or iCloud. To begin the procedure, click “Restore.”
  • We’ll get your messages back to you as soon as possible.
  • It’s worth noting that if a message is removed after a cloud backup, you won’t be able to recover it.

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