How to Send Long Videos on Whatsapp

WhatsApp has a file-sharing restriction of 64MB, so any file larger than that won’t be shared on the app. However, there are times when enormous files must be transmitted quickly, and in this instance, several strategies may help you send these large video files on Whatsapp. We can share any size of file straight via Whatsapp using cloud services like Google Drive.

Do you want to know how to transmit lengthy films over WhatsApp? Have you ever attempted to share an important file over WhatsApp but been unable to do so due to its large size? If you have to send a file quickly, we know how annoying it can be when things like this happen.

How to Send Long Videos on WhatsappWhatsApp does not enable users to exchange files larger than 64 megabytes. When it comes to viral videos and other media assets, however, this restriction is OK.

However, there are situations when personal files and documents larger than 64MB must be sent. If you’re wondering what to do in a situation like this, you’ve come to the right spot. In this post, we’ve discussed the best techniques for transmitting lengthy films on WhatsApp and transferring huge files on the WhatsApp messenger.

Because of its large user base, WhatsApp is often used to share media with friends and family. This is enough space for a short film (90 seconds to 3 minutes depending on the quality) to be shared on WhatsApp. You can send files up to 16 MB in size.

When you share a big video that is more than 16 MB, WhatsApp compresses it aggressively to fit the video information under the 16 MB limit. If it is still unable to do so, it will require you to use its built-in video editor to cut the video. It’s possible that you won’t obtain the intended result in either situation.

In this post, we’ll look at how to transfer huge movies on WhatsApp for iPhone and Android without compressing or losing quality.

Send large video on WhatsApp

The major solution for sending a big video (above 16 MB) on WhatsApp without losing quality is to attach the movie as a document in your message.

To do so, open WhatsApp and choose the conversation in which you wish to send the video.

On Android, press the paper clip symbol in the bottom-right corner and choose Document. You’ll be able to explore your device’s compatible files and choose a certain movie. If you can’t locate the movie you’re searching for, press “Browse other documents…” and use the default File Manager app to select the file from your chosen location. Finally, press Send to send the selected video file to the person you’ve chosen.

If the video is less than 100 MB, it will be shared in its native quality without being trimmed.

The instructions in the next part will show you how to transmit huge files via WhatsApp from your iPhone without compressing them.

How to send large video on WhatsApp iPhone

The method for sending huge videos on WhatsApp from an iPhone is identical to the method for sending large videos from an Android device. To accomplish the same, follow the instructions below.

Make sure you’ve saved the video you wish to share to the Files app. If you have the video in your photos library, open it in the Photos app, pick it, touch Share in the bottom-left corner, and choose Save to Files.

On your iPhone, open WhatsApp and go to the conversation where you wish to share the huge video.

Choose Document from the “+” button in the bottom-left corner. You’ll be directed to the Files view, where you may search for and pick up the video you previously saved.

To share the video, tap Send in the top-right corner.

The video will be sent to the specified contact in its original quality, uncut.

How to send video on WhatsApp more than 100 MB

When you send a video as a document on WhatsApp, you may send files up to 100 MB in size. You’ll need to utilise another platform if you wish to submit films or documents that are longer than 100 MB.

One of the most common ways to transfer files larger than 100 MB over WhatsApp is to upload them to a cloud storage platform such as Google Drive, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox and then share the link to the files with the necessary contacts via WhatsApp.

Alternatively, provided both you and the receiver have active Telegram accounts, you may transmit huge files to your connections using Telegram. Telegram enables you to transfer files up to 2 GB in size as of this writing, which is large enough to share even full-length movies in HD quality.

We’re hoping that with these workarounds, you’ll be able to transfer huge videos to WhatsApp without sacrificing quality on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

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