WhatsApp Aero APK Latest Version 2022 Official

As we all know, there are several WhatsApp modifications available for users to talk with their buddies. One of these modifications is the WhatsApp Aero. This mod has almost all of the functionalities of the original WhatsApp, as well as some unique features.

There is plenty of information available regarding the WhatsApp Aero, including features, installation instructions, and more. So read the whole text to avoid any misunderstandings while using this software.

WhatsApp Aero Latest Version Download

App NameWhatsApp Aero
AuthorBozkurt Hazarr and Fouad Mokdad
Size50.2 MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago

WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero APK DownloadThe WhatsApp Aero is the most recent update to the original WhatsApp, and it provides a more user-friendly conversation interface. This mod was released in the year 2019. Both Bozkurt Hazarr and Fouad Mokdad created the piece. It has a very fashionable look and is also very interesting because of its unique features.

This mod has so many unique features that everyone should give it a try at least once. It boasts a new, engaging user interface that rapidly draws the user’s attention. This patch, like previous modifications, provides end-to-end encryption for communications, which makes it ideal for usage.


This mod includes a new, appealing user interface, which makes it a highly distinctive and engaging tool to use.

Aero Themes: There are a lot of themes in this mod. If you grow tired of using the same theme all the time, you may switch to a different one.

Anti-Virus: With this mod, you’ll have more security. This means that even if someone tries to get rid of your data by sending a virus, your device will be safe and sound.

This mod activates DND mode, which is beneficial when you don’t want to be bothered by notifications. You can use this mode when you’re watching a video on your smartphone so that you don’t have to stop to answer your phone.

Many Topics and Sticker Packs: This mod has a lot of interesting and different stickers that will make your conversation more interesting.

Improved Security: This mod features a rigorous security lock that protects your data. If someone attempts to launch this app, they must first unlock the lock that you have set up.

Home Screen Customizations: This mod allows for home screen customization, so you can change your home screen whenever you want.

Other Customizations: This mod also allows you to change the font style, size, colour, and header colour, among other things.

Data Size: Compared to the original WhatsApp, you may transfer a larger amount of data using this mod.

Data Quality: This mod also allows you to deliver high-quality data. This ensures that your data is provided in its original format.

How to Download and Install

  • To get this mod, go to your browser and type in “WhatsApp Aero.”
  • Open the website and save the file to your computer.
  • Wait till the download is finished.
  • When the download is complete, use the file manager to open the file.
  • Give unknown sources access to your device to install it.
  • Open the app when it has finished installing.
  • It will inquire about the phone number for which you want to create an account.
  • Fill in the digits.
  • Your phone will get a confirmation code.
  • Start utilising that code after you’ve entered it.


Is WhatsApp Aero APK legal?

Yes. WhatsApp Aero APK is a safe to use programme. So far, no one from the original WhatsApp has agreed to use this mod. We can’t say if it’s legal or not.

Is WhatsApp Aero safe?

This mod is completely safe to use. Many people have tried this mod, but none of them have been unhappy with its security and anti-virus features.

How do I download & install WhatsApp Aero?

This mod is available for download from techteamit.com. All you have to do is click the download button and follow the steps outlined above.

How do I update WhatsApp Aero?

Keep checking Whatsappinstalling.com for better app performance to make sure you’re on the most up-to-date version of this app mod.


The WhatsApp Aero APK is a tweaked version of the original WhatsApp application. It provides the user with everything he wants in a messaging tool. It has a number of qualities that make it stand out to users. You may also get this software directly from this website by clicking the download icon above.

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