AWS Lambda Cost Optimization 101 – Reduce Lambda Cost

AWS Lambda Cost Optimization

Lambda Cost Optimization, you can do it in several ways. I am listing down my top way for AWS Lambda Cost reduction. For any successful project, planning is the key, and if you are working on lambda cost reduction this information will help. The suggestion is a mix of best practices for cost reduction while …

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AWS Fargate Pricing – Hosting Apps On Serverless Compute

AWS Fargate Pricing

AWS Fargate is a serverless computing offering of Amazon, and it is a pay-as-you-go model, hence understanding AWS Fargate pricing is important. With AWS Fargate you can run your applications without having to manage the servers. With AWS Fargate you run containers in Amazon EKS or ECS. AWS Fargate Billing is based on CPU or …

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AWS Kubernetes Pricing & EKS Best Cost Optimization Tips

aws kubernetes pricing

Understanding AWS Kubernetes pricing before we conclude on your requirement is an important aspect. There are multiple configuration options and support services available that one can deploy and consume. So, your EKS cost depends on the way you configure the service and the support services. Sometimes EKS pricing becomes complex based on the solution required …

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AWS Cost Optimization Hub, Get Recommendations & Save Money

Cost Optimization Hub

Cost Optimization HUB, a new centralized way of AWS Compute cost optimization. If you are looking to further reduce AWS cost, you will like this new feature in your AWS Billing and Cost Management. This new feature announced by AWS will help you consolidate and make easy to understand recommendations so that you can prioritize …

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