Best AWS Certification Path In 2024 – How To Get Started

In this blog, we will explore the best AWS certification path in 2024 that can help you get started. So, if you have landed on this page means you understand the power of cloud computing, which supports many successful platforms like Netflix, Dropbox and Amazon Prime, many more.

This clearly shows technology industry needs certified cloud professionals to support its growth. You will find Amazon Web Services (AWS), offers you the Certifications to help you succeed in your cloud computing journey and have lucrative career opportunities for yourself!

After going through this information, the aim is to help you understand what are different AWS certifications and how to choose an appropriate AWS certification for yourself.

What Is AWS Certification?

Before going forward, let’s quickly understand the meaning of AWS certification. AWS certification helps with the validation of your cloud expertise and you can highlight in-demand skills on your resume. This certification is awarded by AWS with a validity period.

Best AWS Certification Path In 2024

When you are new and want to get started you will always have a few questions on your mind like, which certificate is most valuable right now? or which certification I should do first?

Now there is no single answer to which certificate is most valuable or which certification I should do first. It depends on your choice and liking of a particular technology or current skill level and goals, however, there is a path to follow.

If you are very new to AWS and AWS certifications it’s helpful to follow a recommended AWS certification pathway designed for beginners.

So, the below table of AWS certifications list will help you to understand AWS certification, starting with basic and going up to specialty certification in AWS technology. The third column indicates the AWS certification exam code required for booking your online exam.

CertificationExam CodeLevel
FoundationalAWS Certified Cloud PractitionerCLF-C02Associate
ArchitectAWS Certified Solutions Architect – AssociateSAA-C03Associate
ArchitectAWS Certified Solutions Architect – ProfessionalSAP-C02Professional
AssociateAWS Certified Data Engineer – AssociateDEA-C01Associate
Developer & OperationsAWS Certified Developer – AssociateDAV-C02Associate
Developer & OperationsAWS Certified SysOps Administrator – AssociateSOA-C02Associate
Developer & OperationsAWS Certified DevOps Engineer – ProfessionalDOP-C02Professional
SpecialtyAWS Certified Machine Learning – SpecialtyMLS-C01Specialty
SpecialtyAWS Certified Advanced Networking – SpecialtyANS-C01Specialty
SpecialtyAWS Certified Data Analytics – SpecialtyDAS-C01Specialty
SpecialtyAWS Certified Security – SpecialtySCS-C02Specialty
SpecialtyAWS Certified Database – SpecialtyDBS-C01Specialty
SpecialtyAWS Certified SAP on AWS – SpecialtyPAS-C01Specialty

AWS Certifications Path

Currently, AWS offers 10+ certifications, which include core certifications and specialty certificates. The Core certification can be achieved as foundational, associate, and advanced professional certifications.

AWS Certifications Path 2024
AWS Certifications Path 2024

Why Do AWS Cloud Certification

When you complete your AWS certification, it shows that you have the most industry-required knowledge that is validated by AWS itself. IT professionals develop technical skills and learn best practices while they go through the AWS certification process. This knowledge and skill help IT professionals to deploy and manage cloud-based applications.

AWS technical certifications achieved by employees, also demonstrate the skill level of an organization in a particular domain.

Benefits Of AWS Certifications

There are several visible benefits apart from your skill enhancement and knowledge, which I have listed below

  • Validated Knowledge
  • Excellent Monitory Gain
  • Global Acceptance
  • Benchmark For Recognition
  • Tiers growth for the organization

Roles of AWS Certified Professional

The below table will help you understand what roles and responsibilities you can play as AWS certified professional

ArchitectureSolutions architectDesign, develop, and manage cloud infrastructure
ArchitectureApplication architectDesign significant aspects of application architecture including user interface and middleware
Data AnalyticsCloud data engineerAutomate collection and processing of structured/semi structured data and monitor
DevelopmentSoftware development engineerDevelop and maintain software across platforms
OperationsCloud engineerImplement and operate an cloud based network, computer, and storage infrastructure
DevOpsCloud DevOps engineerDesign, deployment, and operations cloud computing environment, with automated CI/CD DevOps pipelines.
SecurityCloud security  architectDesign complete security architecture and develop detailed cyber security designs.
NetworkingCloud Network engineerDesign and implement computer and information networks across public cloud and hybrid cloud


AWS Certifications on your CV add credibility and demonstrate your commitment to learning. Also, you will be an advocate for implementing best practices in real-life projects.

This will also help you with the required knowledge and confidence to speak about these technologies.

So, if you are new and still haven’t started your AWS certification journey, I recommend enrolling for this and starting now. Do let us know your views on certifications and exams in the comment section below.

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