AWS Snow Family: 3 Service Models, Features & Comparison

AWS Snow family

AWS Snow family is a data mover family and its members are AWS Snowcone, AWS Snowball, and AWS Snowmobile. This snow family in AWS has a physical aspect. It has physical devices that have built-in computing and storage capacity. If you are planning for large scale data data movement, in or out of the AWS …

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What Is Edge Location In AWS Cloud & Its Use Cases

what is edge location in aws cloud

We all know AWS has its regions and availability zones, today we will see what is edge location in AWS cloud, its use cases, how edge location works, and what features AWS edge location offers.  We will also see which services use edge locations. The edge locations in AWS Cloud are not the core Data …

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What Is Region Vs Availability Zone In AWS : Complete Guide

Region Vs Availability Zone In AWS

Understanding of region vs availability zone In AWS will help you in your initial decision about which AWS regions and availability zones to be use for your new edge modern applications before deploying your workloads on AWS cloud. So, understanding and knowing about availability zone vs region in AWS is very important. You also need …

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